God has really been speaking to me about his love for us, that we are special to him.  But something came to me tonight as I was sitting on the toilet.  Yes, the toilet.  I think God likes play on words (“throne room”) and many times I receive revelation sitting on the toilet.  Anyways, here goes:

God is the creator of everything.  We all know that.  But as I sat on the toilet I became aware that He is the creator of everything down to the subatomic level, that every single particle of every single thing in all the universe was created by Him.  It is hard to explain the sense of it, I was aware of the particles and the “lines” that hold them together (it was purple lines).  I think that as Christians, we really don’t understand the magnitude of the creative power of God, just how truly he is omnipotent and that he created EVERYTHING.

That is when I realized that, as Christians, every single person we touch should be healed.  Why you ask? 

Well, if you take the fact that we are very special to God and that he actually created the sub atomic particles that everything is made of, including us, then healing is a foregone conclusion.  The Bible says in Matthew 7:11:

11 If you then, who are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father who is in heaven give good things to those who ask him!

Healing is a good gift and God wants to give us good gifts.  There is no way that He would withhold healing.  So the question is why are some people not healed.  You may not like the answer.

The problem is you, or me, or both of us.  Healing takes faith, we have to believe.  There is, however, a problem in the way that I think we (including me) think about faith and healing.  We seem to think that we need to collect “faith points” to purchase a healing.  We seem to think that a cold costs 5 faith points to heal and cancer costs 100 faith points, and that we didn’t get healed because we didn’t have enough points and that we need to go back and work harder on our faith.  Yes, we need to work on our faith, but the base belief is incorrect. 

As human beings we are independent by nature and we sometimes expect that God wants us acting that way.  When we look at faith and healing as needing more “points” we are acting out of one of two misconceptions:

  1. That it’s all up to us – When you fall into this misconception you assume that God has said “I died on the cross, I did my part, now you’ve got to do yours, and I’m leaving you to do by yourself”.  It is true that Christ did his part, he purchased healing for everyone, mind, soul, spirit and body.  But he didn’t leave us to do it alone, because we cannot do it. period.  Only God can heal, and it does take faith (which I’ll explain in a moment), but it is never in isolation from God, but in partnership with Him.  God is, and wants to be, intimately involved in our lives.  What God has called us to do is to be his ambassadors, proclaiming the gift of their healing.
  2. That we can earn healing – Or worse, that we HAVE to earn our healing.  Non-Christians can be healed, people who don’t believe in healing can be healed, even those who don’t want to be healed can be healed.  These people certainly haven’t earned their healing.  Thinking that we have to earn our healing is a gospel of works, and we all know you cannot earn salvation, you have to trust God for salvation.  The same is true of healing.

So what’s the answer then? Simple.  We need faith in God, more precisely the character and person of God.  We need to believe in Jesus, we need to believe that Jesus is bigger than our sickness and because we are special to him that he is going to do something about it. 

So why don’t we see more healing?  Our problem is that we look at the sickness and begin to doubt.  We begin to believe that maybe the sickness is bigger than God, that the situation is bigger, that we are not good enough, that we haven’t prayed or read our Bible enough.  We fall into doubt, performance, shame.  Essentially, we stop looking into the eyes of Jesus and seeing his love for us and start looking at ourselves, or worse, the devil.  All because we do not yet have a full revelation of the mercy, love, and acceptance that God offers us on a moment by moment basis.  There are so many things that come against us to cause us to doubt the nature, character, and power of God.  When we choose to put our faith in the lies about God, we are not putting our faith IN God, and we put a kink in the hose and God cannot flow like he wants.  What? We can stop God?  Yes, in a sense we can (though it might be better to say that we stop ourselves). 

As I said above, we are ambassadors of God.  In a way, healing is up to us (I know, I said it wasn’t but you’ll see…)  Christ has sent us into the world to heal the sick, cleanse the leper, raise the dead, cast out demons.  Christ has commissioned us to proclaim this news of the kingdom.  When we fail to do so for whatever reason, then we don’t see it happen.  This is how God has ordained it.  It is like when the Prime Minister of Canada sends an ambassador to a foreign country to represent Canada.  While he is in that country he has the authority of Canada behind him.  But if he does not excercise that authority, then nothing happens.  If he is bad enough, he will be replaced by a new ambassador.  The reason that God does it this way is because he wants us to be part of what he is doing.  He wants us to be part of the “family business”.  Yes, God will sometimes do it himself, but he wants us to share in the wonder and excitement of the kingdom.  It makes God sad when we miss these opportunities.

Yes, some people seem better gifted in healing, some in deliverance, others prophetically, others are amazing servants and others hosts.  (I’m working on a post talking about this… but I’ll give you a hint, it is a matter of call and obedience) But no matter what we are called to do, if we put our faith in God, in his character, in his love, in the fact that each and every one of us is special to him, then we will see truly amazing things happen in and through our lives no matter what our call is.

My prayer for you is that God grants you the grace to place your faith in him and not in your circumstances, not in the sickness, sin, or life circumstances that you face.  That you truly believe that you are special to God and that he loves not only you but all the people around you, that you have a revelation of the heart and nature of God and that in that revelation that you begin to live out the destiny that God has for you, no matter what that destiny might be.

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