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Ecstacies of Loving Jesus

The last couple of posts that I have written on the topic of ecstasy have had somewhat of a negative tone to them, as I was addressing some issues that are affecting the church today:  Ungodly addictions and people seeking … Continue reading

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Go For It!! You Can Do It!! (aka Gift of Exhortation)

Encouragement.  Man I could sure use it, and I assume you could too.  Some are better at it than others, because some people are gifted as God’s cheerleaders, as people who spur us on to deeper intimacy with God, who … Continue reading

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I Don’t Believe in “Pastors”

Bet I got you with that title 🙂  Before I explain myself, I want to take a quick detour and lay some groundwork. Just about every church has a pastor, paid or otherwise, who may or may not go by … Continue reading

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A Blog Post That I Found, And Like

What Matters is if God Believes in Us… – Thin Places. With everything I have been talking about lately.  It is nice to find someone else who is/was wrestling with the same issues.  Check it out, makes for a good … Continue reading

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We Are All Failures (And It’s a Good Thing)

I went to see Tron Legacy today (in 3D no less), I will leave you to make your own assumptions about the movie and/or watching it.  But as I left the theatre God put a thought into my head as … Continue reading

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Gifts of Serving – Making a place for God

As I stated in a previous post, I am gearing up to teach a course on the spiritual gifts at my church.  As in another post I talked about how all the spiritual gifts are important.  Now I am going … Continue reading

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A Church Janitor and Billy Graham Walk Into Heaven …

And they both get the same reward. What?  That cannot be true.  Billy Graham won millions to the Lord!  What did the janitor do?  Mop the floor? Exactly.  We have such a performance, self-centered view of the Gifts of God.  … Continue reading

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