Hospitality: Making God welcome, a practical example

The home group I attend at church (we call it home group because we have 15 people who come and that’s not small 🙂 is held at the house of a couple in our church (I don’t name names in a public blog without permission, but those who know me know who I’m talking about).  Every week that we come the wife puts out coffee and tea (this week I had pomegranate, honey, and vanilla, YUM!) and several different sweets (peanut butter fudge and date cookies this week).

Again this week, as every other week God came powerfully in the form of encouraging words and prophecies.  It was a beautiful atmosphere, and I think no one wanted to leave (we actually closed the meeting 2-3 times before people finally decided they probably should leave).  As we were praying and blessing the couple, I realized that this was the perfect example of what I had said about hospitality’s main purpose being to make a place where God is welcome because he honours those who welcome and bless his children.  The atmosphere was so warm and inviting to us because of what our hosts had done both practically in providing us with refreshments and yummies, but also their humble and inviting attitude and love for us.  As a result of this, God came and honoured the offering of our hosts (who would have thought that peanut butter fudge and coffee was a pleasing offering to God :-).  He came and moved among us because he was welcome there.  Our hosts has prepared a place for God (and for us).  It was truly a wonderful time.

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