The Devil is a Little Wacky

In my preparations for the course we are running at our church on the Gifts and Calling of God, I have been listening to Dr. Harold Vick. He is a great teacher on the gifts, and he was telling this story on the Gift of Knowledge and I realized something.  If you want to hear the full story, come to the course (or leave me a comment and I’ll tell you), but the part I want to share is this:

In Genesis 3:15, it says that Jesus will bruise / crush (depending on translation) satan’s head.  Jesus gave the devil permanent brain damage.  Now, God gives good gifts to his kids, and satan is an imitator, so he gives gifts to his kids too, but they are bad gifts (don’t expect good gifts from pure evil, tree bears fruit according to its kind).  The problem is that with brain damage, he don’t know where his kids live, so he just goes up to whatever door he finds, knocks on it, and whoever opens the door he says “I have some sickness for you”, and we end up saying “Oh, Ok.” 

Now this story caused me to realize something:  Why do we accept sickness?  Because WE don’t know who Our Father is!!  Our Father would never give us sickness, He loves us, he gives us health and wholeness! So next time the devil tries to give us sickness,  tell him he’s got the wrong house and slam the door in his face!  Or better yet, don’t even answer the door!

Just something to think about the next time you start feeling sick…

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