A Year of Revelation of the Love and Person of God

As I was going through Amazon.com looking at all the new books that came out over the last year and trying to find new books to read this year (you can see the amazing books that I found here) and there were 2 books that God highlighted to me:

Product Image
Product Image
Simple Supernatural
by Joshua Mills

And then I started seeing these themes popping up.  For example, Ghost Fire Ministries is bringing Bertie Brits to Halifax in March.  Here is an excerpt from Bertie’s website that defines what I think God is saying (to me at least …) for this year:

There is nothing greater than God’s love for us; it’s the most powerful force known by man. The gospel is not about what we must do for God but about what He has done for us through Jesus Christ on the Cross.

What I believe God is saying for this year is that it will be a year of the revelation of God’s love for us and how he longs for us to step into everything that he purchased for us on the cross.  It will be an amazing year.  A year where we cease from all our striving to please God and be acceptable to Him and simply enter into the rest that comes from believing that he does truly love us and not judge us.  It will also be a year marked by visitations of Jesus both personally and corporately.  It will be a year where Jesus gathers us to himself and laughs in joy over us and loves us passionately.  He is going to especially do this with the children (both those that are kids and those that position themselves as one, hence the first part of what God is going to do this year Smile)

So stay tuned as I read through my book list this year and post what I learn.  And I promise this time that I will because there is so much amazing stuff in these books and I love to share Smile

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