The Opposite of Love…

In reading Seeing Through Heaven’s Eyes: A World View that will Transform Your Life, Leif references another book by Gregory Boyd called Repenting of Religion (which has now made it to my reading list).  In his book, Gregory Boyd says that the biggest obstacle to the love of God is judgement.  You see love and judgement are on opposite ends of the spectrum.  You cannot love while you judge.  And you know that we judge people everyday!!

Let me give you a scenario:  You are sitting in the restaurant waiting for your friends to arrive, and you look around the place, and without even thinking you look at someone and think “That dress looks nice”, “Oh, she shouldn’t have worn that…”, “She’s pretty”, “she needs to do something with her hair”, “She is a nice person”, “My goodness what a grouch”.  Every time we do that we are judging and not moving in the love of God.  If we are acting like Jesus we would always be looking for the image of God in them. 

So why don’t we?

It’s simple, we are not secure in the love of God for us.  If we truly knew and received the love of God (and let it fill us), then that love would overflow from us to all around us.  God does not judge, he receives.  Papa didn’t look at any of us and say “I don’t like this or that about you, I will accept you when you change that”; God completely accepts us, warts and all.  He doesn’t accept sin, but he dealt with that in Christ.  So each and every one of us stands before God in the perfection and purity of Jesus, which removes sin from the equation, and all that is left is the love of God.  When we get that, then we truly will love everyone around us.

So I challenge you to start looking for the image of God in everyone around you and where you find it hard, then allow God to reveal more of his love to you.  God bless you as you endeavour to do this Smile

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One Response to The Opposite of Love…

  1. Solomon says:

    I really enjoyed readng that book. I found another level of God’s love and new understanding of his perspective of mankind in general. Good stuff! I agree that the more secure we are in his love the less circumstances will lord over our emotional life.

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