Living in the Upside Down Kingdom

I wanna be with You
where You are
You’re the Servant of all

I’m in love with a King
who became a slave
And I’m love with a God
who is humble
And you gotta go down
if you wanna go up
And you’ve got to go lower
if you want to go higher and higher
And you’ve got to hide and do it in secret
if you wanna be seen by God

Cos’ it’s the inside, outside, upside down kingdom
where you lose to gain and you die to live

I wanna be Your lover
so show me how to go how to go lower
For in the depths I will find You
where You’re serving my brothers

– Misy Edwards

I am reading a new book called Quantum Glory by Phil Mason.  It looks at the connection between discoveries in Quantum Physics and Christian spiritually (You would be surprised how closely linked they are).  The book in part is an answer to how New Agers are attempting to hijaak quantum physics to prove that the human mind is god and can somehow alter reality.

As I read, I realized that Christianity is so opposite!  We seek to be small in our own eyes, so we can be big in God’s eyes.  We realize that we cannot do it, so God is freed to do it for us.  Our Christian walk is one of dependence on God, not our own ability. I love that God set up the Christian walk so that the more you realize you cannot do it, the better of a Christian you are!!  The more you realize you are messed up, the better chance you have of God being able to fix you 🙂  We live in an upside down kingdom!  The least is truly the greatest.  The lowest goes the highest!

In Comparision to New Age Philosophy

We are small creatures, if it wasn’t for the fact that God loves us dearly, we wouldn’t matter in the grand scheme of the universe.  There are pictures of the earth taken by the Voyager probes as they head out into the solar system and the earth is barely more than a point of light, and the probe hasn’t even left the solar system!!!  Which makes the New Age philosophy of the power of the human mind akin to the ant saying to the elephant, “I can lift you”.  No matter how strong the ant thinks he is, he can never lift the elephant; it is a matter of shear size.

The other problem with the New Age philosophy that the mind of man is god is just that.  It is the mind of man.  Humans as a whole are messed up, screwed up, weak people.  We have to sleep, eat, drink, go to the toilet (wouldn’t it suck if a solar flare went off while god was in the toilet and when he came back the earth was a burnt marshmallow).  I don’t think I would want anyone I know as a god.  Don’t get me wrong I have wonderful friends, but I’m sorry, none of them is God material 🙂  And hopefully they realize that.  seriously…

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