Wormholes Don’t Exist

One day I was explaining to Raven what wormholes are when my darling wife looked at me and announced

How do you know, have you ever seen one

I tried to explain to her that “No, no one has ever seen one” but that science supports the potential existence of them. She just looked at me like I had two heads. At first I was frustrated, But I begin to realize something: that secular scientists believe in things that they personally have not seen because it is scientifically plausible (but good luck convincing my wife, I tried and failed) but when we say there is a God because we see Him in his creation, many tell us at best we are unenlightened, at worst mentally Ill.

How is it that they can believe in the unseen (ask a cosmologist about dark matter….), but we cannot believe in a God that not only makes himself visible in his creation, but actually came down to meet us in Jesus?  Many secular scientists say that they won’t believe in God  because they cannot “measure” him / there is no experiment to quantify him.  The same is true of dark matter and worm holes in science.  The scientists would have us believe in them by faith, until they can figure out a way of making / finding / quantifying them.

There was a quote attributed to Einstein, that I think is appropriate here:

One day a student said to Einstein, “I do not believe in God”.  Einstein asked the student, “Of all that can be known in the universe, how much do you think man already knows”.  The student thought for a while and then being bold, he stated “8 percent”.  Einstein looked at him and said “Could it be that God is in the other 92% that you do not know”.

In reality God is in (but is not) everything we see because all of creation was created by him.  It all has his fingerprints on it; it is simply a matter of perspective.  I believe in God, and see him everything.  Others refuse to believe in God and find him in nothing.

The bottom is is this:  they have plausibility (and to be fair some facts), but we have the experience of a personal, intimate God (especially in charismatic circles). I think our reality is better than their theories 🙂

P.S. Don’t get me wrong, I love science, but science exists to help us be in awe of the creator that made it all!!

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