Keys to Revival #1: Love One Another

As I was reading A Diary of Signs and Wonders by Maria Woodworth-Etter (which is an amazing book that really gets me excited about what revival can be), God showed me something.

I saw Jesus standing, waiting, eyes full of love, and it was then that I realized that Revival was a result of God’s love for us, his longing for sons and daughters.  But there was something that keeps him from moving forward with it.  And being the teacher that I am, I tried to find the right prayer that would invite him to come (teachers believe that words alone have power to make things happen, which is true…), but the more I tried to, the more sad he became because I was missing something.  It didn’t take me long to stop trying to find the right prayer and simply started praying “What must we do?”  And he answered.  But before that…

Another thing I learned at the conference, came from a young pastor from Maine, Jamie Dixon (check him out).  He shared with us a dream in which he saw Bill Johnson sitting on a bench in a park in Maine, and he was waiting for the next wave of revival.  Through this dream, Jamie realized that the revival was coming, that was a given, but the secret was that God was looking for those who would wait and watch for the coming wave.

Part of waiting and watching is preparing.  You cannot make God move, revival is a sovereign thing.  But every place that God has moved, he found people who prepared for His coming / dedicated their lives to His Word / Kingdom.

So the answer that Jesus gave me was one of how we prepare for his coming.


The answer is love. Specifically what Jesus said was that we need to focus on loving one another.  Love is defined as “preferring one another” (Romans 12).  It is thinking more about others than ourselves, giving up our place in line to others.  C.S. Lewis described love as doing what is best for another no matter what the cost to ourselves.  A key to seeing revival is love.  As we start to take interest in each other’s lives, and begin to seriously pray for each other, honouring each other, we will begin to create a place where God can send revival.  Even as I was writing this, God showed me my church, all over the sanctuary people were huddled in groups all over the place, just taking time to pray for each other.  When that happens naturally, we are on track for revival.

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One Response to Keys to Revival #1: Love One Another

  1. Hi Adam,
    I totally believe what you spoke to be truth ! Love is definetly the key and I think the foundation to sustain anything God wants to do with us. But I was wondering what does revival look like to you? If you were asked to define revival, how would you? What does it look like in our family, church and city? Thanks.

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