Keys to Revival: What Does Revival Look Like

What is revival? Revival is restoration to life, consciousness, vigor, or strength. We all could use more vigor or strength in our Christian walk, and sometimes you could describe us as unconscious 🙂

But revival is phase 1 of a Move of God. You see revival refers to what God does with us, his body. A move of God affects whole regions and people groups, not just the church. A good example is Pentecost, when Holy Spirit anointed them in the upper room. That one event, changed, and continues to change, the world. The crowd of people that gathered outside came because they heard the sound of wind. What we don’t realize is how big and noisy a crowd of thousands is. For them to have heard it meant the sound filled the city and drew them. It also changed the same crowd that probably cried “Crucify him!” to “What must we do to be saved?!”. That is another hallmark of the move of God, it causes us to truly see ourselves in the light of God and can make the hardest sinner cry out for mercy. I have seen the Glory of God and Mount Everest cannot cover your head and trust me, you really would try 🙂

A move of God is also marked by the most sweet presence of God, not just in the churches but all over the city. Crime goes down, people become more loving, sickness decreases and miracles increase. Prophetic encounters abound, visions, dreams, trances, 3rd heaven encounters, all happen much more frequently and on a larger scale. It is not uncommon for many at once in a single service to go into trances.

In the most simplest way what happens is God: his character, presence, love, and power invade us, our churches, our cities.

P.S. to answer Sarah, what does marriages in the midst of revival look like? The fights are no longer about who gets their way but who’s going to serve the other first 🙂 Love is the main marker of a marriage touched by the move of God.

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