I’ve decided to write a book (no, that’s not the scandalous part) and basically codify what I’ve been learning through all the books I have been reading as of late.  I’m thinking of writing it like a series of newspaper articles “exposing” the scandal of Religion covering up the truth of who God is, what he has done to and for us, and who we are in light of that.  Here is the first draft of the introduction as a taste of what I’m thinking:

There has been a major cover up!  The religious world has done its best to hide the truth!  But it cannot hide it any longer and this truth will rock Christianity as we know it.  What is that truth, you ask?  it is simply this:

You Are Perfect

Some may agree with this statement and begin to tell us how it is true that we have been made positionally perfect in Christ.  But that is only half the truth.  It is far more insidious (wonderful) than that!  You are perfect right now!  You have perfect health, perfect relationship with God, and a perfect sinless nature.

“No, I don’t, I’m sick”, “But I don’t feel close to God”, “No, we still sin”, “Heretic”.  I have heard them all.  These are people’s initial reaction to this statement, but it doesn’t make what I said wrong, or your reaction right.

You see the Bible tells us that we are perfect in every way because Jesus has made us perfect.  As I said some will respond by saying that we are positionally perfect.  But what does “positionally” perfect mean.  Well, I guess it means “Yes, Jesus purchased it for you, but you can’t have it now.  You only get it when you are dead.”  If you ask me that sucks. Especially when we need it so desperately right now.

But wait, don’t despair.  I have good news for you!  Jesus didn’t die so that we could someday, in the sweet by and by, experience the fullness of what he did on the Cross.  He died so that we could have it now!  Mental, emotional, and physical wholeness, a perfect unbroken, unending relationship with God, and the power to overcome all temptations is yours right now!

How can this be?  Well, it is quite simple:  You are not what or who you think you are.  The Bible in 2 Cor 5:17 says that we are a new creation, that the old us is gone, and a new us has taken its place.  Oh, we look the same on the outside, but at our core we have been fundamentally altered!  We have been infused (and fused) with Holy Spirit.  The problem is that Religion is fine with us saying that, as long as we don’t look too closely, as long as we don’t find out the real truth about what that means and as a result, figure out how to tap into this truth in your everyday life.

We have been lied to, cheated, and had the religious wool pulled over our eyes.  But no longer!  Prepare to have your world rocked by the raw truth of the finished work of the Cross and I’m sure, just as I did upon discovering the truth, you will join me in declaring “the Good News is finally good news”.

What do you think?

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