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Let’s Start at the Start

Ok, so it took a little longer than a day to get back to posting…  but I’m back with a long post. I’ve had some time to think about this journey I’m on and to reflect on what has led … Continue reading

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I Think It’s Time… To Talk About Grace

As many of you my friends know, I have been doing a lot of reading about Grace, the unmerited favour of God towards us as demonstrated through the death and resurrection of Jesus practically worked out by Jesus taking our … Continue reading

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Keys to Revival: Follow the White Dove

Worship today was off the hook!! Glory came on the drums today and when Dave began to play them and Dave (pastor) yelled freedom the place came unhinged. It was awesome!! Some of us got so Glory-fried and drunk in … Continue reading

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Keys to Revival: What Does Revival Look Like

What is revival? Revival is restoration to life, consciousness, vigor, or strength. We all could use more vigor or strength in our Christian walk, and sometimes you could describe us as unconscious 🙂 But revival is phase 1 of a … Continue reading

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Keys to Revival #1: Love One Another

As I was reading A Diary of Signs and Wonders by Maria Woodworth-Etter (which is an amazing book that really gets me excited about what revival can be), God showed me something. I saw Jesus standing, waiting, eyes full of … Continue reading

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Keys to Revival Series

I know, I know. I always promise to write in my blog, but never seem to be consistent about it. To be honest, I only write when something really grips me / consumes my time and I need to get … Continue reading

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Wormholes Don’t Exist

One day I was explaining to Raven what wormholes are when my darling wife looked at me and announced How do you know, have you ever seen one I tried to explain to her that “No, no one has ever … Continue reading

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