Keys to Revival #1: Love One Another

As I was reading A Diary of Signs and Wonders by Maria Woodworth-Etter (which is an amazing book that really gets me excited about what revival can be), God showed me something.

I saw Jesus standing, waiting, eyes full of love, and it was then that I realized that Revival was a result of God’s love for us, his longing for sons and daughters.  But there was something that keeps him from moving forward with it.  And being the teacher that I am, I tried to find the right prayer that would invite him to come (teachers believe that words alone have power to make things happen, which is true…), but the more I tried to, the more sad he became because I was missing something.  It didn’t take me long to stop trying to find the right prayer and simply started praying “What must we do?”  And he answered.  But before that…

Another thing I learned at the conference, came from a young pastor from Maine, Jamie Dixon (check him out).  He shared with us a dream in which he saw Bill Johnson sitting on a bench in a park in Maine, and he was waiting for the next wave of revival.  Through this dream, Jamie realized that the revival was coming, that was a given, but the secret was that God was looking for those who would wait and watch for the coming wave.

Part of waiting and watching is preparing.  You cannot make God move, revival is a sovereign thing.  But every place that God has moved, he found people who prepared for His coming / dedicated their lives to His Word / Kingdom.

So the answer that Jesus gave me was one of how we prepare for his coming.


The answer is love. Specifically what Jesus said was that we need to focus on loving one another.  Love is defined as “preferring one another” (Romans 12).  It is thinking more about others than ourselves, giving up our place in line to others.  C.S. Lewis described love as doing what is best for another no matter what the cost to ourselves.  A key to seeing revival is love.  As we start to take interest in each other’s lives, and begin to seriously pray for each other, honouring each other, we will begin to create a place where God can send revival.  Even as I was writing this, God showed me my church, all over the sanctuary people were huddled in groups all over the place, just taking time to pray for each other.  When that happens naturally, we are on track for revival.

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Keys to Revival Series

I know, I know. I always promise to write in my blog, but never seem to be consistent about it. To be honest, I only write when something really grips me / consumes my time and I need to get it out. And something certainly has done that to me now. As many of you know, I went to a conference in Maine with Patricia King and Georgian Banov. It was an amazing conference, not for what Patricia or Georgian said or did, though it was very good, but it was the atmosphere. I don’t know if it was the church, the leadership, the speakers, or the worship leaders, but there was such an atmosphere of sonship even before anything began.  In that atmosphere my perspective of myself, my church, and my region in my own mind and heart began to change.  I / We / this region truly suffers from an orphan spirit.  But what is an orphan spirit?

Orphan Spirit

The orphan spirit causes one to live life as if he does not have a safe and secure place in the Father’s heart. He feels he has no place of affirmation, protection, comfort, belonging, or affection. Self-oriented, lonely, and inwardly isolated, he has no one from whom to draw Godly inheritance. Therefore, he has to strive, achieve, compete, and earn everything he gets in life. It easily leads to a life of anxiety, fears, and frustration.  —

Another way I have heard it put is that an orphan has no destiny, purpose, place, name, or inheritance. That when we suffer from an orphan spirit we don’t know who we are, what we are supposed to be / called to do in life, that we are not assured of our place in the Father’s heart, and like the older brother in the prodigal son story, we spend our lives working for what is already ours (no inheritance).

What I realized is that until we are so secure in the fact that the Father loves us unconditionally and that will never change, that someone more “gifted” than us is not a threat to us / is not loved more than us, until we have fixed permanently within us a burning sense of what we are alive for (ie. John Hyde “Give me souls, lest I die”), until we stop striving for what we already have, that we are seated with Christ in heavenly places, and that healing is the bread of His children, that we are orphans and orphans do not expect revival.

Oh, orphans WANT revival, but do not truly BELIEVE it will come, because the heart of revival is a father who longs for children, longs to awaken orphans to the love of a father. Worse, an orphan may not want to share what he has with the unwashed masses (because he has worked so hard to get it). He may not think that consciously, but still it may linger in the background.  So the first thing we need to do to prepare a place for revival is bulldozing the orphanage in and building a house of love where the orphans find a home / a place in the heart of the Father.

So the question is “How do we do that”?  And that is what I plan to write about as God shows me Keys to Revival.   (Cue the cool music.  Ok, maybe a bit over the top….)

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Wormholes Don’t Exist

One day I was explaining to Raven what wormholes are when my darling wife looked at me and announced

How do you know, have you ever seen one

I tried to explain to her that “No, no one has ever seen one” but that science supports the potential existence of them. She just looked at me like I had two heads. At first I was frustrated, But I begin to realize something: that secular scientists believe in things that they personally have not seen because it is scientifically plausible (but good luck convincing my wife, I tried and failed) but when we say there is a God because we see Him in his creation, many tell us at best we are unenlightened, at worst mentally Ill.

How is it that they can believe in the unseen (ask a cosmologist about dark matter….), but we cannot believe in a God that not only makes himself visible in his creation, but actually came down to meet us in Jesus?  Many secular scientists say that they won’t believe in God  because they cannot “measure” him / there is no experiment to quantify him.  The same is true of dark matter and worm holes in science.  The scientists would have us believe in them by faith, until they can figure out a way of making / finding / quantifying them.

There was a quote attributed to Einstein, that I think is appropriate here:

One day a student said to Einstein, “I do not believe in God”.  Einstein asked the student, “Of all that can be known in the universe, how much do you think man already knows”.  The student thought for a while and then being bold, he stated “8 percent”.  Einstein looked at him and said “Could it be that God is in the other 92% that you do not know”.

In reality God is in (but is not) everything we see because all of creation was created by him.  It all has his fingerprints on it; it is simply a matter of perspective.  I believe in God, and see him everything.  Others refuse to believe in God and find him in nothing.

The bottom is is this:  they have plausibility (and to be fair some facts), but we have the experience of a personal, intimate God (especially in charismatic circles). I think our reality is better than their theories 🙂

P.S. Don’t get me wrong, I love science, but science exists to help us be in awe of the creator that made it all!!

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Living in the Upside Down Kingdom

I wanna be with You
where You are
You’re the Servant of all

I’m in love with a King
who became a slave
And I’m love with a God
who is humble
And you gotta go down
if you wanna go up
And you’ve got to go lower
if you want to go higher and higher
And you’ve got to hide and do it in secret
if you wanna be seen by God

Cos’ it’s the inside, outside, upside down kingdom
where you lose to gain and you die to live

I wanna be Your lover
so show me how to go how to go lower
For in the depths I will find You
where You’re serving my brothers

– Misy Edwards

I am reading a new book called Quantum Glory by Phil Mason.  It looks at the connection between discoveries in Quantum Physics and Christian spiritually (You would be surprised how closely linked they are).  The book in part is an answer to how New Agers are attempting to hijaak quantum physics to prove that the human mind is god and can somehow alter reality.

As I read, I realized that Christianity is so opposite!  We seek to be small in our own eyes, so we can be big in God’s eyes.  We realize that we cannot do it, so God is freed to do it for us.  Our Christian walk is one of dependence on God, not our own ability. I love that God set up the Christian walk so that the more you realize you cannot do it, the better of a Christian you are!!  The more you realize you are messed up, the better chance you have of God being able to fix you 🙂  We live in an upside down kingdom!  The least is truly the greatest.  The lowest goes the highest!

In Comparision to New Age Philosophy

We are small creatures, if it wasn’t for the fact that God loves us dearly, we wouldn’t matter in the grand scheme of the universe.  There are pictures of the earth taken by the Voyager probes as they head out into the solar system and the earth is barely more than a point of light, and the probe hasn’t even left the solar system!!!  Which makes the New Age philosophy of the power of the human mind akin to the ant saying to the elephant, “I can lift you”.  No matter how strong the ant thinks he is, he can never lift the elephant; it is a matter of shear size.

The other problem with the New Age philosophy that the mind of man is god is just that.  It is the mind of man.  Humans as a whole are messed up, screwed up, weak people.  We have to sleep, eat, drink, go to the toilet (wouldn’t it suck if a solar flare went off while god was in the toilet and when he came back the earth was a burnt marshmallow).  I don’t think I would want anyone I know as a god.  Don’t get me wrong I have wonderful friends, but I’m sorry, none of them is God material 🙂  And hopefully they realize that.  seriously…

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The Opposite of Love…

In reading Seeing Through Heaven’s Eyes: A World View that will Transform Your Life, Leif references another book by Gregory Boyd called Repenting of Religion (which has now made it to my reading list).  In his book, Gregory Boyd says that the biggest obstacle to the love of God is judgement.  You see love and judgement are on opposite ends of the spectrum.  You cannot love while you judge.  And you know that we judge people everyday!!

Let me give you a scenario:  You are sitting in the restaurant waiting for your friends to arrive, and you look around the place, and without even thinking you look at someone and think “That dress looks nice”, “Oh, she shouldn’t have worn that…”, “She’s pretty”, “she needs to do something with her hair”, “She is a nice person”, “My goodness what a grouch”.  Every time we do that we are judging and not moving in the love of God.  If we are acting like Jesus we would always be looking for the image of God in them. 

So why don’t we?

It’s simple, we are not secure in the love of God for us.  If we truly knew and received the love of God (and let it fill us), then that love would overflow from us to all around us.  God does not judge, he receives.  Papa didn’t look at any of us and say “I don’t like this or that about you, I will accept you when you change that”; God completely accepts us, warts and all.  He doesn’t accept sin, but he dealt with that in Christ.  So each and every one of us stands before God in the perfection and purity of Jesus, which removes sin from the equation, and all that is left is the love of God.  When we get that, then we truly will love everyone around us.

So I challenge you to start looking for the image of God in everyone around you and where you find it hard, then allow God to reveal more of his love to you.  God bless you as you endeavour to do this Smile

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A Year of Revelation of the Love and Person of God

As I was going through looking at all the new books that came out over the last year and trying to find new books to read this year (you can see the amazing books that I found here) and there were 2 books that God highlighted to me:

Product Image
Product Image
Simple Supernatural
by Joshua Mills

And then I started seeing these themes popping up.  For example, Ghost Fire Ministries is bringing Bertie Brits to Halifax in March.  Here is an excerpt from Bertie’s website that defines what I think God is saying (to me at least …) for this year:

There is nothing greater than God’s love for us; it’s the most powerful force known by man. The gospel is not about what we must do for God but about what He has done for us through Jesus Christ on the Cross.

What I believe God is saying for this year is that it will be a year of the revelation of God’s love for us and how he longs for us to step into everything that he purchased for us on the cross.  It will be an amazing year.  A year where we cease from all our striving to please God and be acceptable to Him and simply enter into the rest that comes from believing that he does truly love us and not judge us.  It will also be a year marked by visitations of Jesus both personally and corporately.  It will be a year where Jesus gathers us to himself and laughs in joy over us and loves us passionately.  He is going to especially do this with the children (both those that are kids and those that position themselves as one, hence the first part of what God is going to do this year Smile)

So stay tuned as I read through my book list this year and post what I learn.  And I promise this time that I will because there is so much amazing stuff in these books and I love to share Smile

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I has been 6 months since I posted on my blog. Life happened I guess. Between my new job, a whirlwind romance with my beloved bride to be, and other life things, I never got back around to it. Being that I am getting married, my life has been focused on relationship videos, books, and courses. So I will start talking about that.

NOTE: Some of it may be considered “Adult”, as I will be talking about sex and sexuality (which is a key part to marriage). So hang on to your hats and get ready to weigh in with comments as some of it will certainly be interesting 🙂

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